Strands of Compassion is a nonprofit organization of dedicated  Trauma Informed Specialists of Karyn Purvis Institution of Childhood Development at Texas Christian University in TBRI (trust based relational intervention). Committed to giving, loving, and providing hope to disadvantaged young adults, who have emancipated from foster care. We provide the resources and guidance to help them develop and implement the skills necessary to transition to and be successful in adulthood. We believe that prevention now is more powerful than rescue and recovery later.

Preventing the chaos of a life of a child that is without the unstable guidance of Biblical Parental figures, Strands of Compassion uses their hands and feet for Christ digging into the Orphan crisis, housing age out foster girls , preventing them from homelessness, sex trafficking, and drug addiction.

Imagine a life without a father, mother, friends, counselors, and then left out on the street with a Government check along with a pat on the back and a system that says “Good luck out there kiddo.” Now facing the dark and evil world on your own. Strands of Compassion takes those who have gone through the system and rescues them in giving them safe housing, and acting as their Biblical Parental figures. Why do it? Because God our Father has commanded us to look out and take up the cause of the Orphan (James 1:27). Jesus, who sacrificed himself for us, now calls us to be selfless and to guide, protect, and provided for the abandoned, poor and the orphan.

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